BZA F3レースレギュレーション: BZA F3 race regulation


we will explain F3 race regulation.


そう!! ご存知の方も多いと思いますが!

日本国内フォーミュラーカーレースF3をGTで再現すべくBZAルームでは、Redbull jrを使用してF3レースを行います!!

I think that many people know so Japan Formula Race car race

To reproduce F3 with GT, in the BZA room, I will do F3 race with Redbull jr

■参戦条件 注意※





※ participation warranty notes ※

BZA Room Driver License

※The lowest bronze license has to be an entry condition.※

Drivers ranging from Bronze rank to Latina rank are competing races.




· When participating in this race driver,

We will be promoted to each license by winning the 1st overall ranking and high prize winning!





· In addition, please decide team name

Do you participate in a personal team?

Please decide whether to participate in the team in BZA and participate

Redbull jr のワンメイクレースになります。

Redbull will be jr one makeup race.


馬力240ps 車両重量566kg で行います

Horsepower 240ps vehicle weight 566kg will do



・レーシングソフト ・ウェットタイヤ ・インターミディエイト



Available tires in the race

・Racing SOFT・Wet tire・Can use intermediate


* Regulations of the all-Japan F3 championship being held currently I adopted the same one


・予選3周· Qualifying 3 laps

・タイヤ、燃料の消耗 凄く速い · Tire, fuel consumption is Extremely fast

・最低ピット回数  1回 · Minimum pit count 2 times

・使用タイヤ レーシングソフト · Use tire racing software

・雨コース外でのグリップ低下 リアル · Reduced grip outside the rain course

・車両の破損表現 ON · Vehicle damage indication ON

・ブースト なし · No boost

・スリップストリームの強さ リアル  · Strength of slip stream real

・メカニカルダメージ 弱い · Mechanical damage weak

・ペナルティー なし · No penalty

・天候変化 あり · Weather change


(In addition to dry conditions, Do not forget the practice of wet condition)



We are planning to race from 15 laps to 20 laps


(About 100 km in distance)


It will be a race from to around 30 minutes


We are waiting for a lot of participation!