BZA インディ500 CUPレギュレーション :BZA Indy 500 CUP regulation


we will explain the BZA Indy 500 CUP race regulation.

アメリカ最高峰!トップフォーミュラのインディ500 勝てば英雄!世界3大レースの1つ!!


America's highest peak! If you win the top formula Formula 4 500 hero! One of the three biggest races in the world! It is!

In the BZA room to reproduce with GT 6, we will use the Formula Gran Turismo to race! It is!

■参戦条件 注意※





Participation warranty notes ※

· BZA Room Driver License

* The lowest bronze license has to be an entry condition. ※

Drivers ranging from bronze rank to BZ rank are competing races.





· When participating in this race driver,

We will be promoted to licenses with first overall acquisition and higher prize winning!


The winner will be given the honor of BZA Indy 500! It is!




It will be the one makeup race of Formula Gran Turismo.

Setting such as oil change and body rigidity improvement is free.


馬力550ps 車両重量701kg で行います

Horsepower 542hp 404kw

vehicle weight 701kg will do



・レーシングソフト レーシングミディアムレーシングソフトハード



Available tires in the race

· Racing software · Racing medium · Racing software hard


※ We adopted the BZA original regulation! It is! ※


・予選7分(みんなで走る)· Qualifying 7 minutes (everyone runs)

・タイヤ、燃料の消耗 凄く速い · Tire, fuel consumption is Extremely fast

・最低ピット回数  1回 · Minimum pit count 2 times

・使用タイヤ レーシングソフト · Use tire racing software

・雨コース外でのグリップ低下 リアル · Reduced grip outside the rain course

・車両の破損表現 ON · Vehicle damage indication ON

・ブースト なし · No boost

・スリップストリームの強さ リアル  · Strength of slip stream real

・メカニカルダメージ 弱い · Mechanical damage weak

・ペナルティー なし · No penalty

・天候変化 あり · Weather change


(In addition to dry conditions, Do not forget the practice of wet condition)



We are planning to race from 20laps to 50laps


(About 100 km in distance)


It will be a race from 30 minutes to around 40 minutes.