What is BZA Room?

Real race on the Gran Turismo series online

It is a room that I was able to reproduce!


To pursue real racing at BZA,

the GT world will become a 2 dimensional worldview,

Is not it good to have a professional

driver at Gran Turismo Online?


I started from the idea that it might be good to

have a professional race category!

Is not there anyone who has

enjoyed it individually, of course, you say that?


In each online room the race rules are not solid,

race content messed up,

Many people are not able to race manners

Each machine has different regulation in each room,

I do not know the meaning etc etc

Let us create a race group that unifies

rules based on such experience in BZA!

And I started BZA because I thought

it would be a fun room for everyone to do!

I like racing! People who are motivated!

Those who want to get serious quickly!

If you say so, this room is always welcome room!










BZA room activity time is basic

Room open from 8am to 9am

I am active.

During the event race

The room is open from 8pm.

For each race event,

On the homepage TOP screen

Please check the race schedule.