About BZA proprietary license

■ BZA room participation 


1, Those who can greet when they come to the room

2, People who can keep race manners to a minimum

3, BZA room rules and Those who can keep regulation

4, Motivated people

5, as long as there are no reasons for the race

during the race Those who do not abstain

6. Those who can apologize firmly

when contacting other participants

7. People who can race according to sportsmanship


Everyone in the BZA room can join us!

However, when participating in the event

race prescribed by BZA, BZA decided

BZA will set up a license unless it is acquired

Please do not participate in the event race.

Even if you do not have a license you can

participate in the simulated race etc in the BZA room!

Those wishing to acquire licenses

prescribed by BZA will send a message directly to the BZA staff or

Please tell by yourself in the room chat.

※ ■ BZA Room Race ■ ※

Participation Attention! It is! 

Everyone in the BZA room can join us!

However, when participating in the event race

prescribed by BZA, BZA decided

First off! You have to obtain a license

Please do not participate in the event race

which BZA determines.

When acquiring a license, please see below

Please offer to BZA staff of the

photograph to obtain a license.

Participation in the race, the acquisition

condition is to become a room member first! It is!


First off from amateurs! Please join the amateur race!

  BZA policy and pride

When joining BZA for the first time

Please join us with some understanding.

If you do not understand the following,

You do not have to be a member.

1. BZA has the idea that it is a real race

 Understand and join


2. In case of contact in practice, race, etc.

    The sport called racing has contact etc.

    What happens to a race accident

    Please understand.

    Of course, for sportsmanship

    It is a story about those

    who are hijacking and running.


3. If you quit with furious contact

    Because it is not suitable

    Please refrain from joining.


4. Even if an accident occurs

    That is one drama

    Please understand what you say.


5. When an accident occurs

     It is important to apologize.


6. I came to the room for the

    first time because of course

    It's more common in the case,

    In polite sentences such as greetings

    Please ask questions and answers.


7. Those who are willing to speed up,

     Please participate only if you are motivated.

8, BZA club members

Those who can join the LINE group!


9. Register for BZA News LINE @


10. Register with LINE @ for BZA race entry


11. Those who can exchange with PS message


12, Those who can communicate by e-mail


13, those who follow the minimum etiquette


14, those who can say hello


15, those who can talk normally


16, Those who can communicate firmly


17, Those who can apologize firmly if there is contact etc.


18. Those who can chat in the room

BZA League staff introduction!

Please talk to the staff in the BZA room!